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Dark brown long women wig with bang


Product Name IX High-temperature synthetic hair wig
Hair Material 180 degree High temperature Heat resistant Japanese synthetic hair fiber
Hair Length 8inch-30inch
We have long size,medium size,short size
Hair weight 80g–300g depended on the different styles and materials
Hair Style Silky straight, body wave, yaki, deep wave, etc
Custom made,straight, wavy, curly, for your choice
Hair Color Dark color: 1#, 1B#, 2#, 4#, 6#,
Light color: 8#, 10#, 12#, 14#, 16#, 18#, 22#, 24#, 613#, 60#, etc
Fancy color: pink, orange, blue, green, yellow, red, purple,etc
Other color: T (two tone) color, M (mixed) color
Hair Packing PP/PVC bag or according to customer’s requirement
Payment term T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A, Western union,MoneyGram, Paypal
Production Time 7working days depended on the quantity of the order


Our wig is made of 100% heat resistant synthetic hair fiber .Wavy, Curly, Yaki, Kinky and Straight all available.We could design any color and style wigs you need. Professional hair industry experience,market insights .Familiar with the process of foreign trade import and export business .

Wig cap:

1. Materials: Imported Wearable strong and “Rose hairnet scalp” which is in good air permeability from South Korea and other kinds of stretch lace for your choice.

2.Cap structure: (1)The front hair net is sewed by skilled worker’s hand with purified cotton material , and it is more comfortable to wear . what’s more , the hair is knitted firmly to the wig cap .
(2)every stand of hair is glued very strong and sewed very carefully, very densely to the string . And the string is the neatly and closely arranged ,so that the whole wig looks very natural with volume hair.
(3) The ear part is made of purified cotton material and is comfortable to wear .
(4) The elastic in the wig is stable and comfortable which can be adjusted to your own size .
(5) The adjustable rubber band is the outstanding characteristic of no deformation which is much better than the other material.

3.Lace color:  Brown color,light brown color,transparent color,any color you like.

4. Lace type: Swiss lace/French lace.

IX wig’s hair can resistance to 180 degree high temperature . you can perm , straighten , and dye it very casually. Also the wig hair is flame-retardant , when you wear our wig to go to a party , someone playing with fireworks and the flame drops on your wig ,It won’t burn. So use our wig is very safety .What’s more ,we use skin top material for this item and makes it looking very natural and comfortable.Choose our wig ,you won’t disappoint you !!!

After wearing IX hair wig , you will look very different than before .It will make you more confidence .


Q1: What’s the material of the wigs?

A: The lace wigs are made of heat resistant synthetic hair.

Q2 : How long do your extensions last?

A : The key to making hair extension last longer is taking proper care of them.
Treat them as your own hair.

Q 3: Can I order the wigs according to my need?

A: Yes, we can produce according to your samples or ideas.

Q 4:  What kind of length do you have?

A: We have the length from 8inch to 40inch

1. Color: Red /Green /Yellow /White /Purple /Blue /Black, and so on;
2. Synthetic hair material:imported from Japanese and Korea company
3.All hair extensions are hand made by professional skilled workers;
4. Looks silky and healthy! New look, new feeling;
5. Feels very like human hair and scalp,ture-to-life in every detail;
6. Ventiative,comfortable for daily wear, no damage to your own hair;
7. The inner design is adjustable, so you are able to adjust the size for an ideal fit;

Our advantage
1.Our wigs/hair extensions are created to make the wearer feel comfortable,natural and
soft just like human hair;
2.They make the wearer to look confident and good;
3.Synthetic wig/hair extensions has indeed helped those who have problems with their own hair
to grow, especially those with medical conditions;
4.Very soft and thin strands,tangle free hair and easy to wash and care;

More customers voices:

A: I received it FAST. It was VERY FULL and heavy in a good way. Lace was very soft.

B: Got it next day, fits beautifully, brushes nicely and came hair cap. It looks great and will definitely be wearing it for my halloween costume

C: when i describe it people look at me like i’m crazy, but when they see it, they change their minds and want one of their own. i bought it on a whim for drag and think its a fun, flowing, unexpected piece that lets you make a STATEMENT!

D: I’m absolutely in love with this wig! It’s really natural looking, no fake looking shine, and long thick hair. As soon as I received it I went outside with it and everyone thought it was my real hair! I’m getting so much compliments on it. The seller is also adorable, very disponible, i would 100% recommand

E: It’s honestly fantastic for such a cheap lace front. I love it. My family loves it. My friends love it. Will definitely order from here again.

F: The lace front is amazing. It lays pretty flat at the “roots” so you may have to back comb a bit to give it a bit of volume but over all I love it. It’s great for drag queens like myself and for girls just looking for some new fun hairstyles. It moves around very freely so It will fall in your face a lot until you figure out how to tame it but it’s worth the frustration to get to strut around in the wig looking like ombre royalty.

G: This wig is seriously adorable. I put dry shampoo to tone down the shine, and I’m going to cut the lace and pluck a few of the hairs from the part. I think it’ll work for every day use once I do that. I’ve seen a few ppl who leave a little bit out in the front, so if you have dark bangs that would probably blend perfectly! It came with two caps so that was a plus. I just shoved my hair into one and then put it on, and it made the back a bit bulky. If you have hair past your shoulders probably try braiding it to minimize bulk. All in all, I think it’s great for the price. Minimal tweaking. Fits very well & doesn’t tangle.

H: Oh my goodness this hair is SO soft. When the package arrived it was sort of heavy which I’m totally okay with because that means thicker hair lol. But it doesn’t feel heavy on your head which is really great. I love how the grey is not too light but not too dark either. The lace matched my completion also I didn’t really have to do much with trying to get it to look natural. The rest of the hair looks very natural. I’m happy with this hair and will be recommending this to my friends.

I: This wig is so lush and amazing, It’s the first lace front wig I’m actually impressed with and with the price it is a wig I highly recommend. It’s full and looks real nice and natural

J: I love it! The texture feels like real hair and for the price your are basically getting a steal!  I got tons of complimentswearing this beautiful wig that I actually order another 2 weeks after

K: This wig is the business! I was really nervous that my dark skin wouldn’t look good with such a silvery grey, but I have chsnneled in my inner Storm. I LOVE this wig

L: Now, this was not my first time buying a wig, but it was my first time buying a wig online so I was hesitant. For almost half the price of some of my wigs, this hair is long, it is thick, it feels so silky. I have gotten so many compliments while wearing this wig, I’m shopping right now for a new one, preferably from the same company because the quality cannot be beat. I have a chronic illness, and I’ve found it makes my life MUCH easier to keep my hair short, so again, this is not my first wig purchase, but it is one of the BEST. (And I have like eight wigs). I didn’t even do much with it out of the box, it was beautifully layered, and it just again, felt like really great quality hair. I’m in love. I get so many likes on Instagram, on Facebook. I thought it would make me look pale, but I just can’t say enough about this wig. I’ve attached a picture with NO filter so you can see it in its glory. Seriously, a must have!!

M: This wig is beautiful for its price. It comes with lace on the front that you have to cut down to your hairline but it’s very easy to do. This wig has slight layers which are at 22′,27′, and 30′ inches. It’s a very thick and long wig. It straightens easily. Overall, this is a amazing wig! I would buy from this seller again.

N: OMG! I ordered this unit yesterday and it arrived this morning, I can’t believe the service. I opened the box not knowing what to think but I am so pleased and in love with this unit I can’t even tell you. I will put up a picture later but I wanted to put up this review so other people can enjoy this unit. The hair is soft, not silky like most other synthetics,the lace piece is so soft and clear enough to look like my scalp. This is my first unit from this company but I will definitely buy from this company again, again and again!
O: Super thick hair. This wig feels so nice. It is lace front and it is wonderful. Other than that, it’s beautiful.
P:  i love this wig so much. Its thick is very soft and feels very natural you could honeslty pull it off as your own with alittle tweeking. Literally the best wig ive gotten so far off amazon i will defitnelty be purchasing other wigs from this company in the near future 🙂
Q: This is the best synthetic wig and I have around 8 of them. Little to no shedding, tracks tight, color gorgeous, very little shine, dyable with acrylic ink, very long i’d say a good 28-30″, the black roots ombre is short and every strand has ombre, great crip with the combs in great places. Definitely a must have, will be ordering again soon!

What’s Our adcantage


  1. Over 10 years hair produce and sale experience made us professional in hair products business. Ability is guaranteed.
  2. We are a trading company with our own factory,so all our products are made by our own factory.Quality is guaranteed.
  3. It has been 3 years since we joined in Global source Supplier and Trade Assurance Supplier in 2013.Reputation is guaranteed.
  4. We do business without maddle men, so our price is lower than others. High quality and cheap price.Your profit is guatanteed.
  5. We are not the best, but we keep moving forward everyday. Potential is guaranteed.




As a professional supplier, we provide various kinds of hair products, such as: synthetic wigs , synthetic extensions, synthetic ponytails, and synthetic lace front wigs. human hair weaves, human hair wigs, Toupees, In those categories above, there are still many different styles. In a word, no matter what kind of product you want, you can always find it here.



Our warehouse is nearly 2000 square meters and just located between our company so that we can delivery the products in the shortest time.


1, Color: Red /Green /Yellow /White /Purple /Blue /Brown, and so on;

  1. Hair material: 100% heat resistant Synthetic hair imported from Japan company
  2. Bleached knots: Single knots at the front and the rest double konts make more durable;

4, All hair wig for women are hand made by professional skilled workers;

5, Looks silky and healthy conforable! New look, new feeling;

6, Feels more like human hair and scalp,ture-to-life in every detail;

7, Ventiative,comfortable for daily wear, no damage to your own hair;

8, The inner cap design is adjustable, so you are able to adjust the size for an ideal fit;

9, WOMen’s Wig for Sale is easy to wash and care.




We have more than three our own factories, which will provide us adequate supply. But this not mean all our products in stock all the time. Sometimes, synthetic wigs , synthetic extensions, synthetic ponytails hot sale products will be sold out quickly. So please contact with our customer service to confirm if your products are in stock.



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