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Fluffy 80s Light Brown Wigs for Men

What’s Our adcantage


  1. Over 10 years hair produce and sale experience made us professional in hair products business. Ability is guaranteed.
  2. We are a trading company with our own factory,so all our products are made by our own factory.Quality is guaranteed.
  3. It has been 3 years since we joined in Global source Supplier and Trade Assurance Supplier in 2013.Reputation is guaranteed.
  4. We do business without maddle men, so our price is lower than others. High quality and cheap price.Your profit is guatanteed.
  5. We are not the best, but we keep moving forward everyday. Potential is guaranteed.


1, Color: Red /Green /Yellow /White /Purple /Blue /Brown, and so on;

  1. Hair material: 100% heat resistant Synthetic hair imported from Japan company
  2. Bleached knots: Single knots at the front and the rest double konts make more durable;

4, All hair wig for women are hand made by professional skilled workers;

5, Looks silky and healthy conforable! New look, new feeling;

6, Feels more like human hair and scalp,ture-to-life in every detail;

7, Ventiative,comfortable for daily wear, no damage to your own hair;

8, The inner cap design is adjustable, so you are able to adjust the size for an ideal fit;

9, WOMen’s Wig for Sale is easy to wash and care.



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