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U.S wig market analysis

With the acceleration of globalization, people are also increasing the demand for wigs, from passionate football stadium to charm shine T station, wigs are becoming a necessity of life. Before wig foreign trade mainly in Europe and the United States-based, although hit by the financial crisis, but Europe is still a huge market potential. Now, let us look at the European market Analysis market, so that the wig on the road in the foreign trade enterprises to go more smoothly. Each product market have different groups of users, can be divided into: up-market, high-end markets and low market. Different user groups on the wig brand and quality requirements are very different, to analyze the situation of European and American markets with the following.

United States demand for up-market United States 20% of the entire market demand, impact is large; users with up-market demand for foreign trade wigs are those demands?

1, The white people especially strict with the wig. Particularly harsh demands on wear, and making to be very fine, now the long wavy hair is still very popular in the U.S. market, the black wig needs more of big wave-shaped, small discernible hair, and medium wavy..

  1. For the high-grade hair extension market, people are strict with remy hair. Generally speaking , American whites and blacks and wealthy jewish groups have a more demand to remy hair . Among the Jews is taboo Chinese hair, generally used pure Indian hair . When you do this kind of heigh grade products, you should ask the customer service targets abroad. Thus, when you choose the material and production can serve our customers better..
  • The medium –high hair users in the people composition is the most intensive, generally the ratio of human hair products in 3rd gear to 5th gear, different quality get different price . The domestic manufacturers in the production of such products, product pricing is the most headache, because the foreign market is still relatively consumer recognition on this one, so the demand is relatively large. Thus engaged in hair foreign trade enterprises should consider cost leadership strategy, to amount to win.
  • Wigs of the low end market products mainly include: animal wool  products, wool and synthetic products, wool and human hair products, synthetic and human hair products and low-end human hair products . Also accounted for market demand about 20%, 30-40% for synthetic market.  Domestic manufacturers need to pay attention to this. Domestic manufacturers in product development to keep up with this one. Secondly, the low-grade product get more quality disputes, products and samples to be consistent, but also to maintain product consistency.
  • Through the above analysis, the wig enterprises can according to the different requirements of different customer groups, have a definite object in view of the correspondence , so that the wig really made through the world.


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